GlamWave Pro

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The GlamWave Pro is a versatile, wireless, portable hair tool for straightening and curling. Its rapid heat-up time and dual voltage capability quickly achieve smooth, shiny hair, perfect for travel. The PCT thermal plate provides consistent, adjustable heat and is suitable for dry and wet hair. Compact and durable, the GlamWave Pro is ideal for on-the-go styling, ensuring your hair looks its best anytime, anywhere.

Product Features

Wireless, portable design for easy travel

Dual-use for straightening and curling

Rapid 3-5 minute styling time with consistent PCT heating

Adjustable temperature range: 120°C to 240°C, suitable for dry and wet hair

Dual voltage (100-240V) for global use, CE certified for safety and quality

How To Use

  1. Preparation: Ensure the device is charged or plugged in—Detangle hair
  2. Power On & Temperature: Switch on and set the temperature
  3. Section & Style: Divide hair. Straighten or curl
  4. Repeat & Finish: Style the entire hair. Apply finishing products
  5. Power Off & Store: Turn off the device. Let it cool before storing.